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Top Choice for Playground Design in Welwyn Garden City

Most stakeholders in a Welwyn Garden City playground design and build project will be envisioning how their playscape will end up being used. In traditional playgrounds, the use of school playground equipment, like climbing frames, is “policed”. Children are left to their own devices, but if misuse of playground equipment is spotted, disciplinary action is taken. But experts believe there are better ways to manage more modern, natural playgrounds…

Playground Supervision & Natural Playgrounds

We believe that the principle goals of supervising natural playgrounds around Welwyn Garden City are as follows….

Help achieve play possibilities detailed in the playground design phase, and even encourage/provide unforeseen play opportunities

We also urge our Welwyn Garden City to involve children in the establishment of a playground “code of conduct”, which will encourage the safe use of school playground equipment and respect for peers

This information can also be used by Welwyn Garden City schools that may be taking a multi-phase approach to playground design. Successful elements / school playground equipment can be expanded upon, and unsuccessful ones altered

If natural material and a large choice of play areas / school playground equipment is available, select which will be available during a particular session

Natural playgrounds are designed so you can stand back and let children lead their own play, and not get intervene unless absolutely necessary. The independence this affords children is essential for growth and development

Children should be put in charge of tidying up and storing away any loose materials, it will instil in them a sense of responsibility and care for their environment

Children should feel as if they have control of the nature of their play and how to make use of the playground design set out before them

You’ll find that by following these general playground supervision tips, natural playgrounds around Welwyn Garden City can be made to be fun, exciting spaces that are properly used and rarely ever abused!

Watching how children utilise playground design, not just on a physical level (clambering over climbing frames), but on a mental level (problem solving/using creative-geared school playground equipment), is a way to see how children are developing and identify areas in which they might be helped within the classroom

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