Bespoke School Playground Equipment in Cheshunt & the wider UK

A key part of the playground design and build process is the integration and installation of school playground equipment. The natural playgrounds we build across the UK, from Watford to Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage to St Albans, Hemel Hempstead to Hoddesdon, feature bespoke playground equipment precisely tailored to your space and requirements. This means no two of our climbing frames, for example, are ever exactly the same.


We build the vast majority of school playground equipment out of timber. Why timber, you might ask? As we attain it from sustainable sources, and sometimes even find local felled timber that can be recycled, it allows us to keep our natural playgrounds as carbon neutral as possible. What’s more, we’ve found that children prefer playground design concepts that rely on timber over plastics and metals. Timber equipment better integrates with the wider environment, so it feels like they’re exploring the great outdoors, rather than playing on something that resembles indoor/classroom apparatus.

Playground Equipment Principles

Any good playground design concept will feature an array of school playground equipment targeting different users. Some children love to run, jump, climb and hide, favouring what we call active play. Others prefer to use their free time to engage in creative tasks, like drawing, playing with loose materials, or using their imagination and “making believe”. Often these two types of play overlap, and most children enjoy both. That’s why it’s important to cover all bases, have trails or climbing frames for those who want to stretch their legs, and separate areas where children can socialise and exercise their creativity.


Below, we’ve run through some of the different types of playground equipment that can play a role within effective playground design. But if the equipment you’re most keen on isn’t mentioned below, we urge you to give us a call on 0207 2547282. We’re very versatile and have many years’ experience in translating our clients’ ideas into reality. Please keep in mind that while we’re based in Hertford, we don’t just cover nearby areas like Bishops Stortford and Cheshunt, and take on work nationwide and even overseas.

Active Playground Equipment Ideas

Climbing Frames


A playground classic, climbing frames can be built in all shapes and sizes, to ensure they’re suitable for the age group of the target user. They’re great fun to use, and can help children build their strength and confidence. With a little bit of imagination, they can take the shape of anything from a pirate ship to a castle. As we build natural playgrounds, our climbing frames are built from sustainably sourced timber.

Timber Adventure Trail


Made up of a series of poles, obstacles and balancing boards, the adventure trail is a versatile bit of school playground equipment that helps children develop balance and agility. They can be as short or long as you’d like, and therefore can be tailored to any size space. On top of all this, they look fantastic in amongst natural playgrounds’ flowers, shrubs and trees, blending into the wider environment.

Educational & Creative Playground Equipment Ideas

Musical Playground Equipment


Encourage budding musicians by integrating musical installations within your playground design. These could take the form of a xylophone or series of percussion instruments. Children love to make noise, and giving them a constructive outlet to do so is a fantastic idea.

Sand & Water Playground Equipment


Have you considered the benefits that an installation with loose play materials, like sand and water, could offer users of natural playgrounds? This type of school playground equipment encourages children to create sculptures and miniature-landscapes of their own. It also shows them how solid and liquid states interact, and as such can be employed as an education tool.

To see more examples of the school playground equipment we’ve incorporated within playground design and build projects, please visit our portfolio page. You can see natural playgrounds we’ve established in areas including:

• Bishops Stortford

• Cheshunt

• Hemel Hempstead

• Hoddesdon

• St Albans

• Stevenage

• Watford

• Welwyn Garden City

For more information about the school playground equipment we include within our natural playgrounds around Cheshunt and the wider UK, call DNA Play on 0207 2547282.

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