Creative Playground Design in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and all UK Locations

The DNA Play Ltd approach to playground design is very much unique. We look to create eco-friendly natural playgrounds which encourage both creative and active play. Our Hertford-based team of designers take spaces that show potential and completely transform them with school playground equipment and features that are precisely tailored to your needs. We cover Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and all locations nationwide.

You may want us to build you a play area light on traditional playground equipment, such as climbing frames and swings, and one that relies more on staging areas and interactive walls that act as canvases for a child’s sense of imagination.

Alternatively, if you are building a playground with a focus on physical activity, you might want to bring climbing walls, towers and balancing beams into play.

As you will see when you visit our Portfolio page, none of our natural playgrounds are ever the same. A playground design project we have completed in Buckinghamshire, say, will be completely different to one we have finished in Hertfordshire or another part of the UK. We have even worked as far afield as Baku in Azerbaijan. This is because we place a major emphasis on proper consultations. We listen to every key stakeholder involved in the decision, helping them to develop their ideas and make their dream playgrounds a reality.

The key stakeholders that we urge you to consult with is the children themselves. If you are a nursery, primary school, secondary school, local authority or private client developing a playground for a new development, it pays to ask intended users of our natural playgrounds what they want to see.

After all, it is no use having us install school playground equipment which won’t fulfil its potential maximum usage. If you would like to learn more, please contact us today.

The design process from DNA Play Ltd follows this template:


Following your call, we stage an initial meeting to find out exactly what you are looking for from a professional playground design. During our meeting, we show examples of projects we have completed to help you get an idea of whether we are the right team to manage your own. 


If you decide to use us as your contractor, we’ll launch into the playground design phase and work alongside you to select everything from the preferred school playground equipment to the seating and staging. The playground design phase is usually charged out at an hourly rate.


Next, we will issue a contract for the construction phase of the project. We also conduct an initial Health and Safety assessment and draw up a staged schedule of work. We know how important it is to have solid development plans in place if we are to finish a project on time.


During construction, we work at times convenient to you to minimise disruption of your day-to-day operations. It might surprise you to see how we approach playground equipment installations. We find ways to involve children too, which can be a fun and educational experience.


Once construction has concluded, we’ll draw up a planting plan and set about integrating trees, hedges and flowers that you’d like to see within your playground. Don’t forget that we can use recycled materials which have been locally sourced, like felled logs and railways sleepers.


We never wash our hands of a project once a playground is up and running. Instead, we stay in contact with you to handle any future maintenance work required. DNA Play prides itself on a superior standard of aftercare and works tirelessly to make you a customer for life.

Please keep in mind that interim invoices, which we issue as and when we complete set construction phases, need to be paid within 28 days. Otherwise, you will begin to accrue interest charges. Our terms regarding these charges are clearly stated in the written contract we provide before starting the job. 

But that’s not all. 

While it is true that our team primarily takes on playground design projects around the local areas of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, word of our skill and ability has travelled far and wide over time. Our reputation for quality workmanship at a competitive price sees us tasked with playground design projects across the UK and overseas. 

We have even worked as far afield as Baku in Azerbaijan.

To discuss your playground design project with our team, call 020 7254 7282. We build natural playgrounds in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and all UK locations.

TELEPHONE: 020 7254 7282

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