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Fantastic Natural Playgrounds in Luton | DNA Play Ltd

School playground equipment rarely needs explaining to children; they soon figure out the ways it’s intended to be used, and usually a few creative uses that may not have been first envisioned! It’s this sense of creativity and imagination which we love to foster when working on a playground design project in or around the Luton area. When planning what sort of things we’ll include in your natural playgrounds, we love to sound out a number of key stakeholders. Parents, teachers and the children themselves have invaluable opinions about what they should include.


In this article, we’ve run through some of the different types of school playground equipment, from climbing frames to much less run-of-the-mill things, which can fuel children’s creativity and subsequently aid their emotional and intellectual growth. To discuss your ideas for a playground design project, or to hear more about the natural playgrounds we’ve built in and around the Luton area, pick up the phone and call 07904 901 770.

Encouraging Creative Play Through Playground Design


Themed School Playground Equipment – An easy way to encourage creative play is the use of themed school playground equipment, like climbing frames with a nautical theme, or perhaps a space theme. Children from Luton schools we’re working on can be asked which theme they’d best like, perhaps by getting them involved in a vote. Not only does this increase the likelihood our natural playgrounds will be a hit, but it makes them apart of a democratic process and lets their voice be heard. This can be fantastic for developing their confidence and also instilling in them the principles behind our society.


Loose Materials to Make Their Own World – A lot of modern school playground equipment is centred around an open-ended, “make what you want” philosophy. Loose materials that can be combined together in different ways, encouraging collaborative and creative construction of their very own worlds. These sorts of installations can do an endless amount of good. We may not realise it once we grow up, but a lot of our life interests are discovered while playing. A future engineer, set designer or artist could realise their passion thanks to thoughtful playground design.


Make Way for Storytelling – As most Luton parents will be aware, children love stories. Telling them, inventing them, listening to them (even when it’s late and your own eyes are drooping). In fact, they love it so much that often the classroom and bedroom aren’t sufficient for scratching that creative itch. That’s why we love to suggest the implementation of stages and similar areas in our natural playgrounds, where children can let their imaginations run wild acting out stories, or telling them to their friends. Again, this is a great collaborative social process, and a great alternative for those who might not be quite as interested in swinging from climbing frames or similar school playground equipment.


Creativity in Nature – At DNA Play, we’ve built a reputation for bringing playtime back to nature, where it all began. Our natural playgrounds are made from sustainable materials and shape the natural environment around them, rather than merely destroying it to make space. This isn’t just down to a conservationist philosophy, but actual scientific research which shows that children and adults alike find natural space inspiring on a creative level, and generally beneficial to their moods.


So to speak with an experienced playground design team which can implement a fun, safe and creative environment for Luton children to play and develop in – call us right away. We can talk through the countless options available, suggest bespoke school playground equipment including themed climbing frames, and ensure that every box on your wish list is ticked.

Dial 07904 901770 today. We proudly serve as Luton and the wider UK’s first port of call for beautiful natural playgrounds.