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Bespoke Natural Playgrounds in Hoddesdon

You might wonder why we choose to build our bespoke school playground equipment out of timber, rather than employ synthetic materials. On this page, we’ve explained and highlighted the benefits that wood bring to the world of natural playgrounds. Should you be looking to bring on a playground design and build company for work in the Hoddesdon area, don’t hesitate to call us on 01992 537 121.

Why Do We Use Timber for Our School Playground Equipment?

1. Straight from Nature


Using sustainably sourced timber for school playground equipment not only ensures that natural playgrounds boast an exceptionally low carbon footprint, but means the playground design concept will really look the part. The majority of children find timber climbing frames far more interesting and easy on the eye than metals and plastics, and wooden school playground equipment does a much better job when it comes to integrating with nearby trees, shrubs and flowers. Imagine a Hoddesdon playground featuring a stainless steel monstrosity sitting amid a beautiful planting scheme of wild flowers in reds, yellows and blues…. It just doesn’t look right, does it?

2. Longevity


You might think that timber school playground equipment won’t last as long as metal and plastic alternatives. But when properly treated and maintained, it can last for a very long time indeed. What’s more, it’s recyclable. Timber absorbs and withholds moisture, and while minor splintering can occur, the only thing you need to worry about is deliberate vandalism (which a concern whatever materials you’re employing within your playground design concept).

3. Versatile


We never bring pre-assembled school playground equipment to projects around Hoddesdon. We build genuinely bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces of school playground equipment, tailored to whatever stakeholders and the children themselves are looking for. Timber is a fantastically versatile material, and allows us to create anything that you can imagine. It’s truly the top material for turning a dream playground design into a reality.

4. Safety Factor


One crucial factor involved in the playground design process is safety. You don’t want to smother school children and create sterile boring natural playgrounds for a number of reason. First of all, they’re unpopular. Secondly, they can inhibit children’s development. Finally, they can actually be counterproductive in the safety department. Research shows that children who find playgrounds boring and riskless, are more likely to invent risky, unintended play scenarios. However, we still need to ensure that playground equipment, including climbing frames, are safe for use by Hoddesdon school children. Rest assured all our timber is built and maintained in line with BS EN1176 standards, and is thus vert safe to use!

5. Fuel for Creativity


There’s something about timber school playground equipment that activates a child’s imagination. Wood climbing frames evoke pirate ships, cowboy forts and medieval keeps. Less natural playgrounds around Hoddesdon might feature steel, clinical structures that evoke spaceships or similar, but that’s about where the fun ends!

Still unsure whether timber school playground equipment is the right choice for your playground design and build project in Hoddesdon? Get in contact with us by clicking here.

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