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Top Choice for Playground Design in Cheshunt

A playground design and build project can be specifically designed with learning in mind. In fact, many of our natural playgrounds around Cheshunt and the wider UK have become instrumental in the way teachers go about teaching their curriculum. On this page, we’ve looked to explain exactly how various playground features (including school playground equipment like climbing frames), can be incorporated into just a few lessons/subjects. However, use your imagination and initiative, and there are plenty other subjects in which natural playgrounds can play a positive role.

The Sciences

Hands-on Exploration


Many natural playgrounds we’ve built around Cheshunt are teeming with plants, trees and ecosystems which children love to explore. Part of any biology curriculum is learning about bugs, animals and vegetation, and what better way to learn than to explore wild environments in a safe, hands-on manner? Environmental surveys are a fantastic way to help children develop interest in the sciences.



Another big plus side afforded by the natural playground design and recyclable school playground equipment / climbing frames we specialise in, is it can help instil in children a sense of environmental responsibility. This is especially the case when Cheshunt schools place the onus of looking after playgrounds on the children themselves. It’s never too early to develop respect for Mother Nature, and it’s often hard to do so in bland, concrete/synthetic environments.

Physics Experiments


But effective natural playground design doesn’t just benefit the biology department! Large, natural outdoor spaces can be used to conduct physics experiments with kites, rockets or even catapults. Another fantastic way to show children in the thrills that science can offer, and get them invested at an early age.

PE & Health/Wellbeing

An Outdoor PE Facility


Not every Cheshunt school has the interior space to create an effective area for PE lessons. But many of our clients look to playground design as not just a way to forge a space for play, but a place to encourage physical development and a healthy active lifestyle. Integrating sports pitches, bike tracks and running circuits within natural playgrounds can all help achieve this goal.

The Power of Play


But play time is also a great time for pupils to run, jump and flex their muscles. By bringing in climbing frames or towers, for example, you can ensure that children aren’t solely getting exercise during pre-set PE periods, and have the freedom to stretch their legs whenever they want.

The Creative Arts



We often incorporate staging/performance areas within the playground design concepts we develop for Cheshunt schools. These can be used for musical, theatrical or dance performances by students and teachers alike!

Interactive School Playground Equipment


Things like chalkboards, interactive walls and loose construction materials can encourage children to set about building structures, sculptures and bona fide works of art!.

Art Integration


Incorporating permanent art fixtures within natural playgrounds, from local artists around Cheshunt or the pupils themselves, can provide inspiration for the budding Picassos amongst your classes. Seating areas where they can get fresh air, socialise and draw/paint are also a great idea.

Interested in natural playgrounds that can function as effective learning spaces? Call the DNA Play team, Cheshunt’s specialist in playground design, on 01992 537 121.