School Playground Equipment in Buckinghamshire | A Unique Approach to Playground Design

There are a handful of key differences between a traditional playground design and how DNA Play Ltd goes about planning natural playgrounds for schools in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas. For example, we build bespoke school playground equipment, like timber climbing frames, out of sustainably sourced or recycled materials. Yet there are subtle playground design principles which we always try to place at the forefront of our work.

This is something that is especially apparent when you look at the images on our website’s portfolio, which includes some of our proudest work, such as our Azerbaijan project.

On this page, we explore a handful of those principles.

Surveying the Site

Before starting playground design projects in Buckinghamshire, our team will survey the grounds and figure out exactly what is already there. We account for plants, trees and wildlife. Creating natural playgrounds around the existing ecosystem is entirely possible, just as it is possible to create natural playgrounds that replace synthetic manmade alternatives.

Obviously, a natural playground design will need to be formed around trees, plants, bushes and shrubs, any protected species of animal that might be living in or nearby them, and any similar concerns related to the surrounding environment.

Less is More

Don’t feel the need to overfill natural playgrounds with heaps of school playground equipment, like climbing frames, see-saws and everything in between. While natural certainly refers to the greenery included within a playground design, the word is synonymous to simplicity and the spirit of “less is more”. Often, children will ignore playing on equipment in favour of running up and down the contours of natural land or by rooting around in vegetation and stepping over branches.

Having a mixture of manmade school playground equipment and a natural environment rife for exploring is the best way to ensure natural playgrounds in Buckinghamshire, and those across the UK, have the best chance of proving successful.

Planting is Key

Even if you have plenty of existing vegetation on your site, it is worth giving thought to how planting can be incorporated within your playground design. Properly integrating trees, shrubs and wildflowers is a fantastic way to create a stunning natural space that serves as a tranquil retreat for children in need of a little between-lesson rest and relaxation.

Buckinghamshire clients should keep in mind that:

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